Who We Are

We are a BBB approved, Billion Dollar plus manufacturing company - one of the fastest growing companies in North America. We are tapping into 2 major trends: the Health, Wellness & Environmental Industry which is $1 trillion a year and the Consumer Products Industry which is over $100 Billion a year. Our company competes against Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, & other manufacturing companies.

We ARE NOT MLM - we do not sell, deliver, or inventory products. As a matter of fact, our manufacturing company takes care of: all orders, customer care, delivery, catalogues, with a 1st class internet website. We are a very unique catalogue shopping club. Our customers enjoy wholesale prices, home delivery, safe products, free products, toll free 800# or online ordering, savings on services, 100% money back guarantee, & much more - all with NO RISK!!

Our partner manufactures over 350 exclusive products that are safer for your family, your home and the environment. We have been a Go Green, environmentally sensitive manufacturer since we started in 1985. We offer products like pharmaceutical, nutritional, weight loss, sport fitness, personal care, home cleaners, laundry, oral hygiene, skin care and cosmetics, pet treats, candles and so on... all products that every family is going to use today, tomorrow, next week and for the rest of their lives - all consumables that need to be purchased over and over again

We show people how to take a normal every day expense and turn it into an income. Most consumers who are introduced to our wholesale shopping club concept will decide to open an account with us. WHY? Because it just makes sense to partner with a company that offers safer products that cost less, work better, delivered to your home, that saves you time and money - all with a money back guarantee!

Our company compensates our members for referring others to shop through our club. Because our company has a documented 95% re-order rate, it means the income you earn is solid and RELIABLE. WHY? Customers are ordering consumable products that they use up & order again & again, month after month, year after year AND ensures we get paid month after month year after year on their orders. A True Reliable Income! That has been proven to work. We have helped thousands of people earn immediate income and plan for their future.

Our team provides: training, coaching, mentoring, support - we are here to HELP you! T E A M = Together Everyone Achieves More. Our overview is explained through a visual presentation via online webcasts where you can watch slides & videos on your computer & listen through your computer speakers. It takes about 45 minutes to learn about our great company & how we can change your life. Partner with us - save time, save money and earn extra income from the comfort of your home.

Request more information so we can set up a time to attend a webinar together. Get all the facts needed to make an informed decision!!