In 2004 I was literally praying for extra income. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel financially for our family of 7. My husband has a good job, I was hairdressing and I was looking at taking on a 2nd job. Then a client of mine (Lorraine Debusschere) told me how well she was doing with her home based business. I said good for you, but I'm not interested I've been there done that. After trying 10 different home based businesses I had said never again. The next month Lorraine tried me again because she knew I had a financial need. So I said come on over I'm into safer products and that was the beginning of building my business.

I'm so very happy Lorraine never gave up on me. If she had not called me that 2nd time my life and finances would not have changed so dramatically. We now have a reliable, residual income coming in month after month. Myself and my family love our company’s products!! We would not be without them. Because of the safer products my son doesn't need his puffer at night time anymore and mine and my daughters eczema went away and we are healthier today because of these wonderful products and our financial future is looking great!

Tanis Leo