Ed spent many years working very hard as a farmer/truck driver. I worked over 30 years as a Corporate Assistant with the Federal Government. One day, we woke up & realized that these occupations would not give us the long term retirement income we wanted for our family. We tried various home-based businesses, searching for a good, solid company; however, all we found were empty promises, overpriced products, and a business plan that only made a few people rich and others spending more than they were making. Fortunately, a few years ago, we partnered with a great company and the Enhancing Lives At Home team. Everything is in place for us to help others be successful.

Helping people get out of debt, be able to spend more time with their family or save for a solid retirement plan is very rewarding. By helping others reach their goals, we have achieved many of ours. This business has allowed us to travel and spend more time with our family. We enjoy camping & ATVing in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. However, best of all, we have the time and income to do what we want to - when we want to - not around a 9 to 5 job. Over the past eleven years, we have been earning a six figure income year after year. 1

Finally, a home business that is legal, real, affordable and just makes sense!! Partnering with Enhancing Lives At Home has contributed to our success and the success of many others on our team. We love helping people achieve their goals why not you and why not now!!!

Ed & Rosemary Brandrick