Dr. Marie retired from Primary Care Pediatrics in 2005. Early in her career, she trained in and also practiced Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. With her longstanding interest in Wellness and the role of environment in illness, as well as her conviction about individual responsibility for the environment, she was excited to discover the affordable, unique products manufactured by this Wellness Company. Their products offer solutions for some problems for which traditional "Western" medicine does not have good answers. They offer safer alternatives to help common conditions, help families to be healthier and to avoid toxins in their homes, and can help decrease the risk of many common illnesses.

Dr. Marie has spent her life helping people and knows our products can help everyone. She also loves to work with those interested in generating income to change their family finances by getting the message out about this remarkable company. She lives in Pennsylvania with husband Ned, a retired general surgeon and a big promoter of the company. She loves how she now has the freedom to enjoy her 4 children and 6 grandchildren while she still has the opportunity to generate substantial residual income.

Dr. Marie Russell