"I am Laura Renz and I have been with the company since May, 2011. At the time, I was expecting my 3rd child and did not qualify for maternity leave. My spouse is a painter and work is very sporadic for him. I knew I needed to find something I could do from home so I started looking online. I came across an ad that said "No Selling, No Stocking - Truly Work from home" and it caught my eye. I immediately filled in my information and received a phone call shortly after. The following day, I was shown a business overview and I enrolled right away! My hubby was a little skeptical, but after watching an overview, and hearing what others have made, he decided to be supportive.

I decided to just follow the training provided by my support team and now am earning a good, reliable income month after month - as are many of my team members. I have been able to pay off all my credit cards, my car, and keep up on bills. Before the business we were financially strapped and things were very stressful.

This opportunity has changed my life and I am finally able to go places, do things, and best of all, get out of debt."

Laura Renz