Christa is a stay at home mom who has worked most of her adult life outside the home as a manager of multiple restaurants. Being a military wife, she knew that is was likely they might be posted and returning to work at her long-term job, may not be an option. After having their second son in January of 2012, they were posted to Edmonton Alberta. "We moved here in July 2012, and have since realized that traveling to see our family would not be possible without a second income" Christa stated. The idea of leaving both of her sons in daycare, and heading back to work sickened her; she didn't want to miss out on anything. It was a chance meeting, but the opportunity to work from home surfaced in September 2012, and she has loved every minute of it! Her new career is very rewarding. She is her own business builder, and has had incredible success so far. Our team has a wonderful support team that has definitely provided her with the tools to succeed! With the flexible hours, and wonderful pay, she is now able to be the mom she has always wanted to be. She is now so happy knowing that despite the geographical distance between her and the rest of her family, her children will be able to see their grandparents whenever they like.

"My work allows me to take time off when I need to, and take my work wherever I go if I want. I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding opportunity!"